Friday, June 3, 2011

The new soapbox

It has been a while since I have posted! I am sure that I have been sorely missed. Well, wipe your teary eyes, folks, cause PolkaDot Soapbox is back! The reason for my absence has been twofold: Fold one being that life has gotten in the way…and I have spent my time posting adorable pictures of my sweet baby boy on my family blog. Fold two is that I have not known what my “schtick” is. I knew I wanted a blog that was about SOMETHING and this certainly wasn’t intended to be a picture/story blog. I also didn’t want to be the idiot with two pointless blogs.

So as the months have passed, I wondered what I was passionate about. What gets me excited to the point that it becomes a soapbox? The first thing (besides God) is my family…but I already have a blog about that. Before I had my child I thought “I won’t be that woman whose life is consumed with having her kid. I will have WAY more to talk about than poop and what cute thing he’s doing now and how much he’s eating." Well, I was wrong. Now that I’m a mom, I’m pretty much a mom. If it weren’t this pesky little thing of having to work for a living, I’d pretty much be happy hanging with my little man 24/7 with the occassional date night or girls night out to keep my sanity.

But alas I am a working mother- which made me realize another passion of mine. There are so many of us out there! And I've got to tell you- it's tough! Working mama's ain't no sissies. We have more of a day before 8:00 am then most people do by 5 pm! And what's more- if you haven't figured this out by now- the working world wasn't built around working mothers. Shocker.

So this is my new schtick. My new overriding soapbox from where all subsequent soapboxes will come forth. My soapboxes are the diaries of the "every woman", the working mother, the full time mama, wife, professional, volunteer and multi-tasking extraordinaire. Hang on to your hats, folks. Polkadot soapbox is back!

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